Porting WordPress site over to RW

How do I port everything from a current Wordpress site (version 4.7) to a Rapidweaver site?

I’m also looking for an easier way to do this. I’m thinking that copy and paste is the only option, hopefully I’m wrong.

I have a WP blog with 700+ posts to migrate.

RW to WP -> I can understand but WP to RW -> I wonder why…
Don’t get me wrong, I love both platforms but it’s not logical to go from WP to RW. The framework is completely different and like you posted already… you can’t just migrate.

Can I give you a quick tip? Divi theme, it is a blank framework with a dedicated builder (no 3rd party) where you have all the modules to build your site like RW would work.

My 2c :wink:

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When I found RW, I had the idea of moving all my WP sites over to RW.

Are you suggesting leaving them on WP?

If so, I’m curious as to why. Do you use WP just for the blog part?

Actually there is the WP-Blog plugin by Roger Törnström (Nilrog’s place) to integrate a WordPress-Blog in a RapidWeaver-Website.
Learn more at:

Although it hasn’t seen any update in more than 2 years, it should (according to the dev, read it yourself here) work with RW 7.


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That’s kind of what I was thinking. For the record, I’m looking to move EVERYTHING from WP to RW and not just the blog portion.

The idea that WP is just a blog platform is changed over the years. If you look at my previous link (divi) you see that it has a drag & drop builder where you can make whatever you want. You can make custom pages (like RW) but with has the power of the blog with it (posts).

Here again… moving to RW is not a bad idea, I have several RW sites, but I don’t find it logical to move WP to RW because in RW is more limited than WP (-> in the context of your 700+ posts)

If you just change your theme to Divi for example, you can leave everything as it is and start building your new pages with the divi builder.

Divi is $69 per year for a private site and once you start customizing you are locked into divi for life unless you pull all the content out and paste it back in somewhere, WP, RW whatever.
just know what you are getting into. RW is usually a bit more friendly to your wallet and time schedule when changing design and styles without an ongoing charge if you choose wisely.

I will go further than this -> invest 249 for a lifetime account and have unlimited sites and updates.

RW will do fine, just saying my opinion. I worked several years with RW and I’m very happy with it.

But there is nothing wrong with looking at WP with a different view than just “a blog”.

The WP vs RW has been covered in detail in this post.

The question in this post was porting WP over to RapidWeaver.


Thanks for your wise feedback(…). Just trying to say in an easy way that migrating is the same as building the site all over again. There is no other way. It is not possible. That was the question, that is my feedback. I provide more info about WP and divi because many people doesn’t know alternatives.