IIS vs Apache server

I seem to remember that there’s a reason we should, if possible, have our sites hosted on an Apache server versus a Windows server running PHP. If so, I would love to know the technical reason(s). Our IT department will be moving our sites to an internal server (we have a very, very fast connection to the Internet as we are in the business of moving large images between medical offices). Our networking guy wants to build a Windows server running PHP - I asked for an Apache server running PHP, but he’s pushed back, and really wants the server to be Windows. In order for me to prevail, I would have to have some technical reasons why Apache is better than Windows.

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Who is going to administer the server? Asking a Windows admin type to work in a Linux/Apache world would be tuff. A lot of Linux web servers are all Command line, no GUI installed. Apache although very powerful, popular, and flexible is not easy to configure. You pretty much need to be a command line junkie who eats and breaths RegEx(Regular expression) to configure Apache.
There are all kinds of speed(performance) tests online that show Apache leaves IIS in the dust. And then you have the cost (IIS isn’t open source). You lose .htaccess file, but there are equivalent functions on IIS.


Why not run Apache for windows or ask for a CentOS VM or container hosted by a decent WinServer and run Apache in that?

Would not touch IIS unless the web app was specifically designed with IIS in mind.


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