Form trouble with IIS Windows Server

(Peter Rood) #1

Hi Everyone

I am building a new website for a client who hosts their own website on a Windows IIS server. I already had to get their IT guy to setup PHP on the server, but as I continue to test things I notice I can’t seem to submit any forms. I tried setting up a test form with Foundation and the form just says…

Opps! Some went wrong… Your request did not go through :frowning:

I also created a basic default RW form, and that didn’t work either… even after trying all the configurations for Windows servers.

I need help pointing their IT guys in the right place for setting up their server to work with RW / Foundation.

(Peter Rood) #2

I send a support request to @joeworkman but I am not sure if this IIS server issue is related to Foundation or RapidWeaver.

If anyone know anything about how RapidWeaver sites function on an IIS server I would be greatly appreciated.


(Joe Workman) #3

You need to make sure that the server is setup to send email. Or you can try to use the custom SMTP settings to use a different server to send.

(Peter Rood) #4

Hi Joe

I think we got it all worked out. Form stacks and plugins are fully operational.

(Brian LaPan) #5

I’m glad you’re up and running, @thebugnut!

If you don’t mind, it might be helpful to others if you told us what steps you took to correct it.


Hey @thebugnut, I am in exactly the same boat! Client insists on hosting the site on an IIS server and contact form won’t send. Can you kindly share how you worked around the issue?


(Peter Rood) #7

I can’t remember what project this was any more. The projects I remember working with that were hosting on IIS servers were both eventually moved over to an Apache server.

If I remember I will be sure to post what I did.


Please do. Thank you.