Form trouble with IIS Windows Server

Hi Everyone

I am building a new website for a client who hosts their own website on a Windows IIS server. I already had to get their IT guy to setup PHP on the server, but as I continue to test things I notice I can’t seem to submit any forms. I tried setting up a test form with Foundation and the form just says…

Opps! Some went wrong… Your request did not go through :frowning:

I also created a basic default RW form, and that didn’t work either… even after trying all the configurations for Windows servers.

I need help pointing their IT guys in the right place for setting up their server to work with RW / Foundation.

I send a support request to @joeworkman but I am not sure if this IIS server issue is related to Foundation or RapidWeaver.

If anyone know anything about how RapidWeaver sites function on an IIS server I would be greatly appreciated.


You need to make sure that the server is setup to send email. Or you can try to use the custom SMTP settings to use a different server to send.

Hi Joe

I think we got it all worked out. Form stacks and plugins are fully operational.

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I’m glad you’re up and running, @thebugnut!

If you don’t mind, it might be helpful to others if you told us what steps you took to correct it.

Hey @thebugnut, I am in exactly the same boat! Client insists on hosting the site on an IIS server and contact form won’t send. Can you kindly share how you worked around the issue?


I can’t remember what project this was any more. The projects I remember working with that were hosting on IIS servers were both eventually moved over to an Apache server.

If I remember I will be sure to post what I did.

Please do. Thank you.