ILD Clean Menu - Hamburger problem

I am waiting for a reply from 1LD but no luck so far.

I manually construct a menu for my site using the Clean Menu stack.

I am trying to hide a page from the menu temporarily (the RW option to not include in navigation has no effect because I am using the Clean Menu stack) so, in the Clean Menu settings I select the tick box ‘Hide in Menu’ for the page in question (Classes and Clinics | Dr Shen Tai Chi UK). This should hide a submenu item under ‘Classes and Clinics’ called ‘locations’. This works for the standard menu on a pc/Mac/tablet etc but on a phone when the menu reverts to the Hamburger menu the page still appears in the menu.

I can even delete the item from the Clean menu stack and it still appears in the Hamburger menu!

Any thoughts?

1LD have sorted this now.

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