I'm missing some marketing stacks in Rapidweaver

In Wordpress (?) there are many plugins that help you to collect emails or sell products using modal windows, pop ups sliding up in the bottom corner of a page after a certain time. I’m missing these kind of stacks in Rapidweaver. Of course you could incorperate tools from Addthis or other providers, but i would prefer some native stacks (instead of calling external javascripts once more).

I tried to built a modal pop-up window with the stacks i have, but didn’t really succeed. These were the features i was looking for:

  • modal window in bottom right corner
  • popping up after scrolling down
  • or popping up after 3 seconds
  • flexibel content (for example 2 buttons and some text, with or without background image)
  • behaving responsive

I did not succeed with the stacks i own. I tried target, pin, animate and so on. Anyone else who created something like this with rapidweaver stacks? Examples?

I also would like to have an ‘exit intent’ stack. There is a free (MIT license) project on GitHub for this. It creates some nice effects:

I would love to see this ‘Stackified’ by @joeworkman, @nimblehost, @willwood @yuzool, @1LittleDesigner or any other well-known developer.
Count me in for a beta-test… :slight_smile:

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Doobox has Final Word for the Exit Intent feature you’re after - https://www.doobox.co.uk/stacks_store/demos/finalword.html

And take a look at Gateway for the other thing. There’s a free demo you can try - https://stacks4stacks.com/gateway/


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Thanks @robbeattie! Great info. And i just found this one:

Maybe this one has all i was asking. I just can’t figure out if it is one stack, or a suite of stacks…

Call to Action is a single stack. However, it only takes care of configuring the CTA. The effect used is managed by other stacks. Look at the integrations page in order to see what stacks you can use with CTA.

Thanks for the info, @joeworkman. So, to my understanding, the position of the modal window is depending on the stack placed into this call-to-action stack. Is that correct?
What stack do you recommend for having a modal window popping up on the right bottom corner of a page, triggered by scrolling or time? I would like to have 2 buttons in this model window…

My Expose stack has full control over where you would like it to be positioned. That should work well for what you want.

We’ve been using Leadin for this purpose…and it works great on RW sites!

Hey @garth , thanks. I did not now about Leadin. Thanks for pointing me to that option. Still, it is no native RW solution i was looking for. But always good to have some options available. And this one is free…