Looking For Pop-Up Stack For A Printable Coupon

Hi All,

I’ve been looking at various options for pop-ups/modal windows (Pop Box, Notify, Gateway, etc), but haven’t found one that will do exactly what I’m looking for: I want to have a pop-up box that displays a coupon… with a link to print out the coupon, like the one on this site (click the “Claim Offer” button):


Looks like they’re using Yodle.com to provide that functionality, but I was hoping there was a native Rapidweaver way to do the same thing.

Thanks for any ideas!

Are you asking for this to just popup as they scroll down the site?? Joe has a stack called Call to Action that will help you do that. You still need a Lightbox type stack, you can see the stacks that integrate with Call to Action here:

these are all of the Lightbox (or popup stacks) that work with Call to Action. Although it is missing one, by Big White Duck, called PopDrop
Call to Action works with that too, just not listed.

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Thanks, Zeebe. I’m fine with it being a button the user has to click (although Joe Workman’s Call to Action stack could be helpful triggering it on other actions/events).

I guess I’m hoping for something that easily makes a popup that looks like a coupon (like 1LD’s PopBox: http://onelittledesigner.com/rapidweaver-stack/popBox/#popBox_stacks_in_149856_page0 )… but that is also printable, right from within the pop-up (like in the “Claim Offer” on the site I linked to above). I could get around the “printable” option by just including a “Discount Code” (Call and mention code “XXXXXX” to get this discount), but there’s something elegant about the printable coupon.

Our Modal Pro Stack could be something for you as well: http://www.rwtuts.net/stacks/modalpro/index.html

It has three content areas you can customise. With some basic html tags you can create links to print the coupon as well. Take a look at our video at the end of the product page to learn more about the Stack.


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Maybe Woodgate’s PrintBox stack could be useful in this instance?



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Thanks @RWtuts! I’ll check it out!

Thanks @robbeattie… that looks PERFECT for handling the printing aspect! Just downloaded it (and I should know better and check out Stacks4Stacks more regularly! LOL!)