Image List from Doobox and SVG

Who can tell how to insert SVG files instead of usual pictures in this stack?

P.S. And how difficult is it to add the ability to insert SVG on this stack by asking Gary to do so?

As far as I know, the only way to bring in SVGs into stack like these is with a URL to the stack. So if there is a warehouse option for that stack, use that. If not, I do not think you will be able to add an SVG. Not 100% sure, since I do not have the stack, but based on my knowledge of SVGs and RapidWeaver.

Just thought that there is no complicated way to insert a SVG, instead of the same PNG. And curious to know what Doobox can answer.

Sorry for English.

There is a control in the stacks settings to link to any image or SVG.
There is no drag and drop option in this particular stack, as it was designed specifically for SVG (ability to link to regular images is just comes for free with this type of stack).
There currently is no support for drag and drop SVG in the stacks plugin.

So you must already have published an SVG file to your server, then add the SVG’s url in the appropriate setting inside the stack.

Edit: Wires crossed. This does not pertain to the stack the original poster was referring to.

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Thanks for the detailed answer!
Have tried now to add (paste) the file SVG using the link, but doing something wrong as it does not work.

Thank you, but i know about it, watched and read earlier :wink: Was interested in the possibility of inserting SVG images into the Image List stack (from Doobox). But if not, then the PNG can be used.

My mistake. You’r talking about an old stack that has no SVG support what so ever.
This is not possible to do.

Say please, can you update this stack? The stack is nice and comfortable, but it would be nice to add the ability to edit the color of the title and text. And also, if possible, the use of SVG files, if it is not very difficult.

P.S. How to edit the stack to be able to insert not only a picture, but also another stack (for SVG)?

Have a look at Big White Duck’s Blueprint/SVG stack it might give you exactly what you want. You may need an app like Affinity Design that will export files as SVGs. To use the stack you open an svg in a text editor like BBEDIT and copy and paste the code between SVG tags into the Blueprint SVG stack.


You can also try Will’s Graphic Stack:

It’s also ‘free’ like Big White Duck’s Blueprint mentioned above.

I’m using it for SVG’s and it’s simple yet effective.

Not tried graphicstack - its sounds simpler to use than Blueprint/SVG - I’m assuming that this stack handles the code of the SVG without needing to follow my above route (which I do).

With Blueprint you add the SVG code.
With Graphic Stack you add the URL of a warehoused image and it handles the code.

So yes, Graphic Stack handles the code for you but you must be referencing an image not just 'dragging it in to the RW file.

Ken and Ric, thanks for the advice, but it was about Image List stack :wink:

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