SVG support in RW7

I just listened to the most recent podcast and DanBen were ambiguous about whether the new RW7 has SVG support. I realize they’ll update this info on the next podcast but … this would be a really big improvement. If not included in RW7, could SVG be added soon thereafter (7.01 perhaps)?

This won’t be in RW 7.0, but I’ve added a ticket for 7.x :slight_smile:

@dan Thanks. This will be quite useful, especially when using a stack that requires drag/drop images and not warehoused images. Looking forward to all the other design-goodness in RW7.

Hello RapidWeaver Team… Would like to add to the request for RW7 SVG support. Looking at using Foundry and UIKit which I don’t believe have a way to link to the SVG file (RW term Warehousing). I currently own Foundation which does have this capability but having SVG support built into RapidWeaver seems like the better way to go for both developers and users.

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Is this generic SVG usage in places where images are normally used now supported?


Filling the 20 chars…

Hmm… still not. Well… RW guys you should get this done.

However, there is a stack I can get SVGs into my page (at least). For SVG only stuff that is perfectly designed this works.

Is there any way that I can use some SVG stuff and layer Text other things above it? How would this work?

Yes, there are stacks that will do what you want. But … I’m not sure if they require drag/drop (i.e. no SVGs). I don’t remember the names of stacks that do this, but one great place to peruse is Stacks4Stacks. I know they have at least one stack that will do as you describe. Will often provides options for warehousing images so SVGS are likely possible. Worth a look here:

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This one will the job do for you also, if the svg is stored in the resources area:

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The stacks4stack is named “GraphicStack” and I think “RemoteImageStack” is the same idea.

While this works to get SVGs on my page where a stack can be used, it doesn’t work for stacks that require an image. Those stacks only accept graphic files. I don’t think this can be solved at the moment.

Any stack that offers warehousing option should allow you to put a SVG image in it. This is why a warehouse option on the stacks you choose is a good option, until it gets added into RW itself.

As @zeebe mentions any stack that uses warehousing, and that meets your conditions for text overlay above image, will do the job. I don’t know all the stacks that do this but a few do.

Stacks4Stacks has free demos so you can check them out. Some that seem to broadly fit your criteria include:

There may be others. And, of course, you can always tweak the original SVG so it has text and other stuff about it in your favorite SVG-friendly app.

I know, but that’s the problem: Only a few stacks support warehousing at the moment.

There are loads of SVG supporting stacks. All of the BWD stacks for instance support SVG images. Loads of the JW, S4S and inStacks stacks too. I stopped buying stacks that didn’t support SVG a long time ago.

You could possibly combine the GraphicStack (which was originally developed for SVGs) with the Layerz stack.

Download the free demo versions of both stacks and try them. It might come close to what you want; i.e. an SVG with other content layered over the top.

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