Image Zoom With Transparent Overlay

Is there a photo stack that you can drop in an image and have text and have it zoom in slightly and have a transarent color overlay like Shenandoah University is doing with I think word press? I have gone through very many image plug-ins that can do all sorts of things but the tranparency with the overlay like this I am at a loss. Might be a stack on a stack to get this behavior but hopefully not.

try hovermate from dkstacks or you can use sections pro

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You can also use PopUp Caption

Thank you for the replies, hovermate looks perfect for what I am looking for. PopUp Caption looks good but none of the examples quite look like the effect I was going for by covering the entire image though good to keep in mind. Thanks loads.

I think this should also be possible with Andrews Sections Pro stack…

Very nice thanks for adding this, I had checked it out a while ago but looks like some new updates and worth looking into deeper!

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