In praise of Elixir

Just wanted to drop a post in praise of @Elixir.

I’ve been using Foundry 2, Potion Pack, Thunder Pack and Alloy 3 for a little while now, and despite not being particularly au-fait with web design or development, I’ve been muddling along pretty well.

Whenever I’ve had an (inevitably self-inflicted) issue, Adam’s support has always been incredibly responsive, and very patient, in helping me get to a solution - even apologising if his (impressive) documentation has caused me any confusion!

Whilst helping out with the beta testing of Alloy 3.1.0, I asked if it would be possible to set custom font sizes in Embeds. Just before a Holiday Weekend. He managed to fit in the time over the weekend, so that the feature made it into the release, yesterday.

If you’re vacillating over which framework to go for, you won’t go wrong with Foundry. I know how much testing goes into each release, and how much of a perfectionist Adam is - must be something to do with the name! :wink:

Just my $0.02

Adam (not that one)


This is all very flattering. I’m just glad we were able to zero in on the problem you were facing and get it sorted. It also helped to improve the documentation for future users as well. Win-win-win.



You’re too modest, Adam. There’s been many more occasions that you’ve saved my bacon! :smiley:

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Vegan bacon, I hope. :wink:


It’s so lovely to read exchanges like this going on in the RapidWeaver Community. It’s people like @Elixir that make the RW ecosystem such a nice place to be :heart_eyes:


I couldn’t agree more with you, @jacksona. I recently added Alloy to my collection (I think I’m complete now, Foudrywise) and I almost trashed my chair in my excitement. It’s so smooth to work with. Thanks for suggesting custom font sizes in embeds.

Keep on weaving, and a high five to @Elixir



Custom font sizes in Embeds has meant that my entire site content (bar a couple of images that sit in @Doobox Shady stack) is now delivered through Alloy! And The tight integration with Foundry means my Motion banner gets its images from Droplets - Project file has gone down from 48Mb to 15Mb…

It’s an absolute dream to work with - and nice & easy even for non-developers. I just find Adam’s stuff so accessible and intuitive.

Just don’t try to put the Alloy stack in a Partial… :rofl:


Good tip, as I usually make a partial of Foundry stack.

I’m currently working on a project with exactly the same approach. My client can add and modify a page trough embeds. Just can’t figure out how to give embedded images rounded corners. That would be a plus for me.


For now, you could split the Embed into 2 parts, so it’s something like:

Embed part 1
Droplet image in an Image stack (with rounding)
Embed part 2

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@jacksona, yes, I thought about that solution as well. Only, it would complicate this particular page a lot for my client (a lot of different embeds to manage). But you’re right. That’s the way to do it for now.

Thanks for the input.

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@Panans — Shoot me over an email with a feature request detailing what you have in mind.

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Hi @Elixir Adam,

sent you a message trough support. I hope it’s clear. If not, don’t hesitate.



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Adam has been amazing, so quick to get back to me on any question I’ve asked and find out what mistakes I’ve made and giving me the solution.



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