Foundry users - let's be having you

…as we say in the UK.

Anyone designed a site using Elixir’s Foundry theme and care to share the URL. I’ve seen the two on the Community site but I’m interested to see what other people have built with it.



I think Doobox created his site with Foundry (and the Realmac site is Foundry, I believe). I haven’t yet made the Foundry leap myself

@jabostick is correct. Doobox’s site is currently designed using Foundry, as is the Realmac site. Of course the Foundry site is all built using Foundry as well.

Here’s a few others I know of, two of which are also one’s I’ve built:

Source Order:
Flat Button 2:
Web Injection:
Pixel & Prints:
Arbo Plus:
Precision Orthopaedics:

Would love to see what others are whipping up too. :slight_smile:


Thanks Adam. I just think it’s really useful. The Community site is great but it’s only as good as the effort people put into supporting the themes and stacks and plugins that they use by name-checking them, and some people aren’t interested or don’t have the time.

I’ll check these out tomorrow.

Appreciate it.



Two more:

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I’ve put up a sub-category on the Foundry forum where people can post their sites, too if they want to in order to show off their hard work and learn from one another.

Where’s the Foundry forum, Adam?

@robbeattie Head over to the Foundry site. There’s a link for it toward the bottom of the main page.

Although still a work in progress, there’s this

Just the beginning but this site will grow

Many thanks to all. Some good stuff there. Looks like a very useful theme.

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Clever use of two images on the opening screen, kudos

The first site is fairly elementary, however it is bringing in the traffic

The second example is a conversion of an existing site
only a fraction has been converted, an example can be found at

Does that mean that Doobox stacks work fine with Foundry 2?

Most all 3rd-Party stacks should work fine within Foundry, with the exception of stacks you would find in other frameworks, as you shouldn’t combine frameworks.

Also, since this thread has been brought back to life like a proverbial zombie, here’s another plug for the Site Showcase thread:

If you’ve built a site using Foundry we’d love to see it there!

The Elixir and Alloy sites use Foundry:


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