In Rapid weaver - email link not working

I have verified with Go Daddy that the e-mail address there is correct and it worked.

I have been trying to set up email links within my Web site. As I understand some instructions I found, I am to click on the Link button at the bottom of the window which open a window. I then paste the email address in the URL and click on the “Link” button. I have tried this (repeatedly) and, after publishing, I go to the site on the Internet and I get a 404 Error. I have looked at the source code and it looks ok to me but, I am not that experienced to figure out what is wrong.

The current problems are on the 2016 Luncheon page to and

Well, I just got a surprise! The luncheonworkshops@goldenvalleyquiltguild is now working. I sure wish I knew what I did right. Now I have both working - Yahoo!

I have spent so much time on this - AAARGH!

Bottom link worked for me but not the top one on the page. - 404 on that one