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(Eric Edwards) #1

Contact Form page fails to forward email after publishing. Also links for email addresses and web site URL addresses are not working.

(scott williams) #2

impossible to help without a URL

(Kunstmaler) #3

Perhaps no php page?

(Eric Edwards) #4

I don’t understand this response; if you mean you want the URL to the web site in question then it is www.vergnette.com BUT it is no use to you because I have deleted the Contact Form page because I found after two months of being published it didn’t work and I fear I have lost potential customers. I have now put an email hyperlink on my home page. Another web site on which I work is published at www.rblpoitou-charentes.fr in which the links are working but today I created a new page and after first attempting to publish, the email and URL links on the new page do not work so I have hidden the page until I can sort the problem.

(scott williams) #5

If we can’t see the page with the issue, then its very hard to identify whats going wrong.

(Eric Edwards) #6

I simply added a Contact Form as a new page as shown in the video instructions and it is published with A2 Hosting which does support php.

(scott williams) #7

Contact form requires PHP

(Jason Bostick) #8

There does seem to be something weird with your setup. When I hover over a link (for your Tarriffs and Bookings page, for example), the URL preview shows up as:


Maybe it is entirely unrelated but that doesn’t look right

(Eric Edwards) #9

OK I understand I have now re-published www.vergnette.com with the Contact Form but I’m still getting the following message when I attempt to use the form from the web site, “We cannot verify that you are trying to send an email from this form. Please try again.” and I am not receiving the message in my email.

(Eric Edwards) #10

I’ve just had a look at my booking page on line and it looks fine: the booking calendar (HTML Code on a Stacks window in Rapid Weaver) shows up correctly and the email link at the bottom of the page works fine.

(Dave Farrants) #11

I’ve had problems with the contact form when the email address is not on the same server as the the host (email package included with your hosting) - I note you’re using an orange server not your host - I seem to remember a workaround for it but can’t recall how!

(Jason Bostick) #12

I just wonder, though, if the email form is setup to be from your email (eric@email.com or whatever) but the form is sending from http://rblpoito.wwwnlss8.a2hosted.com/www.vergnette.com/contact-form than your host may be flagging that as suspicious looking (because it isn’t a typical URL, or it comes from a different URL that is using an iFrame, etc).

Just speculating…

(Eric Edwards) #13

Thanks for your input.

(system) #14

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