Inline colour change html for headers

Just to make life difficult, I have a client who wants individual words in an h2 header to be different colours.

Anyone recommend the best way to code this inline, and override the site-wide header settings? I need to use hex numbers rather than generic red, blue etc. Have done this with regular text but headers are more tricky for a non coder like myself. for the record, this project is using Source.

Try Span tags round the individual words


You could put spans around each word in the header, then either apply a class name or even inline css

<span class="word01">Word one</span> <span class="word02"> Word two</span>


.word01 { color: red; }
.word02 { color:  blue; }

Replace the red and blue with the hex values.


Thanks guys - much appreciated even thought the thought of multi-coloured text doesn’t fill me with great joy… :crazy_face:

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