Elixir's Navigator Theme and RW8 H tags not responding

I am trying to change the font colors of the headers and body text and It is not changing? Any help would be great I am also wanting to change the H1 H2 H3 colors but am not sure how.
this is the url

Let’s see what Adam @Elixir has to say. He is usually very helpful…

Hi there @llangpierce

Are you referring to changing colors in the Navigator theme using the theme’s built-in controls, or via your own CSS?

Built in but would love help with css as I am using the header stack

Can you send me your project file, as well as tell me the exact controls in the theme you’re having trouble with (screenshots do help if you have them) so that I can try and replicate things here?

As far as CSS – I don’t offer support for custom code for modifying themes. Sorry.

I would like to be able to control the headings h1-h3 to adjust color. They currently are all controlled by one setting. Text.
Can you also look at why the site title reduces correctly in preview but wraps on iPhone.

where would you like me to send the RapidWeaver file?

Yeah, those you’d need to write your own Custom CSS for, because as you point out they are currently controlled by the main text color.

This is happening because that site title is far to long to fit in the space available at the mobile breakpoint. There is unfortunately only so much space available in horizontal spaces with web design – especially on small mobile devices.

I thought it was interesting that it worked in the simulator.
I will get busy learning how to do css h tags.

Not at a Mac right now (on iPad) so this is a guess

H1 {

H2 {
H3 {

Of course change the color to any valid CSS color you want.

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thank you!!!

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