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Dear community,

Happy Thanksgiving! Save 40% on all Stacks during Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale.

Use coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2015 during checkout, valid until November 30th.

E.g. on Photostream Stack for displaying Photos from a FTP folder in an ever smoother slideshow or thumbnails/lightbox combo. Integrates also nicely with Joe Workman’s Total CMS Depot Stack:

Or choose Blog Stack for integrating your Blog into RapidWeaver.

More Stacks:

Happy Weaving!


Thanks, took advantage of a couple items.


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Death to the stock photo … ?
Funny how people think their own creativity is the only one worth paying for !!

I am not able to judge your comment, as you do not buy the photos…

But you write the Headings on the demo ?

Taken from here:

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Apologies … but it did put me off buying Photostream as I thought that was your personal view on stock images.

Surely not. I am a photographer by myself.
But, if you are using pictures on websites in Germany where it is not 100% clear that they are free, you are running into problems and might have to pay a lot of penalties.

There are many of such pages where you are able to download images without the copyright “problem”, e.g.

I just changed the title of the Apple Photostream so that it will not make any troubles in future.

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Thanks …
I’m a photographer too, I have seen the demise of a good living selling stock over the last 10years due to photo libraries offering pictures for cents… sorry for being a bit touchy on the subject.

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Sorry for the misunderstanding … just picked up Photostream … looks great, thanks.

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