Is There A Black Friday Deal For Stacks?

Just wondering if there is a black friday deal for Stacks … Might prompt me to move all my websites over to rapidweaver.

The person who would know is @isaiah

Stacks is a must have and it isn’t expensive at the full price considering you will be using it on every new project you create :slight_smile:


Check the thread above - Isiah must have been listening :slight_smile:

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Thanks … can’t pass this deal up. Anyone using yourhead “other” plugins?!


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Just posting @TheProfessor screenshot so it doesn’t have to be downloaded to view:

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I use SiteMap by YourHead as my default Rapidweaver sitemap and it works very well.

I have Rapidweaver’s ‘Generate Search Engine Sitemap’ unchecked in Settings - Advanced to prevent more than one sitemap being generated.

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Not just a deal…

Three Plug-In Cyber Monday Deals!

and it’s running until Friday at midnight eastern time

40% off Stacks
30% off Any Bundle
20% off Any Upgrade

Oh yeah! That’s 30% off the Bundle price – which is already 30% off the full retail prices.

And 20% off the Stacks Upgrade price – which is already off the full retail price.

Those are some pretty hefty discounts that I don’t think are likely to come again anytime soon. So go grab it while you still can.

And Remember: All deals final. No extensions. No exceptions. Please don’t ask.

Check this post for the discount codes: Stacks Cyber Monday

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Isaiah … Just placed my order for stacks … Got an email receipt … but is there a key coming ???

Hi John,

First: Check your Spam folder.
If it’s not there, read on…

You should have received an email from CartLoom, our web-store as well as PayPal – the payment processor for your particular transaction. I checked the records and the both CartLoom and PayPal have the same email address. So if you got one email, then we know the email address doesn’t have a typo.

Our logs show it was emailed successfully – and your email server accepted it within a few seconds of the transaction. Below is a screenshot of our log (with private info grayed out, of course).

So, there’s a very good chance that it got to your computer – but it may have been moved to the Spam folder or similar. So, check there first.

In some extreme cases your email provider may be over-zealously filtering some emails. This is very rare, but does occasionally happen.
If you think that’s the case, send us a support request (links at the bottom of every page of our website) and I can try to get the serial number to you in some other way. :slight_smile:


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