Instant Price Quote Calculator

Hi there,

Does anybody know if there is an instant price quote calculator stack or Add-on available for rapid weaver? I can’t seem to find anything around for this type of plugin. If not are they any Javascript scripts available so I can build one from scratch?

An example of what i’m looking for is here:

I don’t totally know if this would work but I wonder if you could create a spreadsheet with drop down items and have things calculated via Live Data (

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Thanks Jason, that is an interesting concept, I will have a look at that!

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@digitalemotion would RapidCart Pro work for you?

@digitalemotion I just received an email from 1 Little Designer of their new stack which may another (better?) option of what you’re asking. It’s called Siphon and looks pretty cool. I asked 1LD on twitter if it could be used to create quotes as I am wondering if it will suit for a different project.

Anyway, another one to consider.


Hi Jason,

I just got the email too! Looks really good, if that can be implemented for quotes then it would be perfect for use! Thanks for letting me know about that :slight_smile:


Has anyone got quotes to work on Siphon, we are looking at something that is similar in context so would value knowing if you got it to work and if so whether there are any little hints or ‘be careful of’ suggestions.

Cheers, Richard

Does anyone have an update on this? I’d like to try something like this too.