Can you mak this "slider" in RW?

Hi, Im just wondering if it is possible to create a feature as seen on this website in Rapid Weaver.

Its midway down the page under the title 'How much can I make?
The “slider” where you move it along the line and “potential income” value changes?

The Calc stack can do that. There are a few demos so you can see what it can do, and you can download a free demo version to test it out.

I’m assuming you use Stacks.

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Thank you. Have downloaded the demo, will definitely check it out!

Hi! I am not sure if this is sms you could make work.
Instead of clicking visitor can just scroll vertically and horizontally and see information pop up.
Not sure thought can dates be hidden of substitute with text.

Responsive Timeline Stack

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Responsive Timeline is a great stack but won’t do calculations. However, the Formula Stack from the same developer - 1LD - will probably do this as will Calc Stack from Stacks4Stacks

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