Interactive Map

Hello RW Community, thanks for having me.

I’m quiet new to all this. I’m looking for any easy way to display a map and make the different regions of the map clickable to various other pages and links. I looked at Hotspots stack by Stacks4Stacks, but wonder if there is any easier solution.

Here is an example of what I’m looking at:

Hi, take a look at the Points stack

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Points and HotSpots both do the same thing. There are slight differences in how they are implemented, so I suppose some of those “slight” differences could make a big difference to you.

However I’m not clear what you mean by an “easier” solution. What specifically are you finding difficult? Either product will greatly simplify the process of making hotlinks, but depending on the kind of detail you need both may take a bit of work. Provide some extra info and we might be able to provide you with some extra strategies for making things smoother/easier to implement.