Map with hyperlinked pins?

Does anyone have a recommendation for the best way to display a map with graphic pins at different points, each with their own hyperlink? This map and its links will change depending on another selection on the page.

Currently it appears I can do something like this with the Overlay stack with a grid stack below it (Potions add-on to Foundry). But it is a bit tedious to setup for a lot of maps and prone to errors. Also concerned that I might not be able to test all the cases so something more straight forward would be good.


Have a look at

Sorry, I should have been clearer. I will be supplying the map as an image (with or without pins in place) as I will be doing some additional markup on them. So no requirement for downloading live maps which the inStacks allows for. I just need an ability to overlay link points (with or without a small graphic) on different locations on the map image.

JW’s Points stack should be perfect for this. I used it for a similar use project with a map image.


Perfect - exactly what I need. Watched the video on it and it has some really great features.


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Exactly, that’s a good fit :+1:

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