Introducing....Inverter stack!

Hot on the heels of my first 2 stacks (Quizzer and Scroller) I have just released another: Inverter stack!

This stack allows you to arrange your content so that it will display horizontally and ‘inverts’ the user’s scroll down motion to navigate from left to right instead. Not only that but it can do it with a nice parallax background effect. It’s a great way to show off your content in a novel way.

A stack like this needs to be used with a bit of care (especially for use on mobile) but I think it provides a really interesting and engaging way to display your content. It works especially well for things like Timelines, Storytelling and Tutorials but it can be used for absolutely anything.

Go check it out. And if you like what you see then until the end of May you can get 20% off with the code: sth-inverter-launch

Feedback / comments appreciated.


The links aren’t working.

Thanks @NeilUK. Should be working now!

All good now. Looks like a great stack, congrats.


Hi All,

Have just pushed out a nice update to Inverter stack that allows each embedded Inverter ‘block’ to be up to 20000px wide. This allows for nice use cases such as for displaying very wide images. You can see an example of this approach here:

Also, for those that downloaded very early after release, you may have missed out on the example project. If you re-download from Paddle you will get access to this and a couple of extra parallax images too.

Enjoy :slight_smile:


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