Introducing Replicants....a new project series for Source

I am releasing the first in a brand new series of Source projects that focus on replicating some well known websites.

For the first project I have tackled a few pages from the Setapp website. (Setapp is a great service with over 200 top quality apps - do check it out if you are not yet familiar with it!)

The project file contains extensive notes about how to achieve the various layouts / effects that have been achieved using (mainly) Source stacks.

Obviously, projects of this nature are mainly for learning about the framework and should not be used ‘as is’ for any real websites. Though you can, of course, adapt and re-use elements / sections of it in your own designs.

I’ve also created a couple of new payment options for Source projects. As well as buying them individually there is now the option to either pay a small monthly subscription or to pay a one-off fee for lifetime access to all past and future projects.

More details here

Any questions just ask :slight_smile:


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