Introducing.....the Source Workbook!

I am delighted to introduce to you to the Source Workbook. A whole new way to learn about using a framework to build websites with RapidWeaver and Stacks!

The Workbook is packed full of useful information including:

  • a full reference manual (every single setting in every Source stack is detailed!)
  • information about getting properly set up to start building web sites with RW/Stacks
  • numerous step-by-step tutorials and projects to learn about working with a framework

Early bird pricing

The Workbook is still being added to and I have a few more chapters that I want to add. It’s already packed full of useful information though (in well over 100 pages) and so I am releasing it for an ‘early bird’ discounted price. All early birds will get every update as I add more content and more chapters.

Here are a list of the completed chapters:

  • Setup: Overview of setting up RapidWeaver, Stacks and Source for the best possible workflow
  • Source: Stacks and Settings: Detailed information about every Source stack and setting
  • Projects - Introduction and Setup: Introduction to how the projects work and the setting up of the ‘styling’ stacks that will be used
  • Projects 1 - Fundamentals: Introductory level projects and tutorials to learn the basics and key concepts

These chapters are in development / planned:

  • Projects 2 - Advanced layouts: Medium level projects and tutorials to look mainly at using our powerful Grid Plus stacks
  • Projects 3 - Coder and CSS: Advanced level projects and tutorials to take more control of the design and coding yourself
  • Going beyond the design: A look at optimisations we can make for better performance and SEO
  • Making the site live: Information about getting your site published and available

Find out more


p.s. The workbook is available via our brand new (Rapidweaver-built!) RapidWeaver Academy site. More information about this will be shared very soon. All accounts from the previous system will be migrated across (so if you get the Workbook now then try to use the same email as your existing Academy account so that the workbook and all of your courses will be tied together in the same account).

p.p.s. If you have not yet tried out Source then this is an especially great time to do so. To celebrate the launch our Source Addon stacks are currently available at 30% off (use the code source-wb).


Here’s an outlandish concept: maybe RealMac Software should borrow this idea from Stuart and make life easier for RW’s users?


Tried using your discount code to by Toggle and was denied.

Hi @Pete - Toggle isn’t included in the discount. It’s just the Source Addon stacks that are. I’ll send you a code though :slight_smile:

Thanks. I thought Toggle was part of Source Addon stacks…

I have to say this is one of the best purchases I have made in awhile, just an outstanding resource that any Source user should invest in. I wish more developers would go to the trouble of providing this level of support.


PS, makes me want more especially a deeper dive in to Grid Pro Plus!

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This is a really great learning resource for mere mortals!

Thx Stuart!

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@joeworkman can I buy you a copy, so as you can see how to model a Foundation 6 manual?

Thank you guys! Really appreciate your comments. Great to hear that it the Workbook is working well for you!

The next chapter will be largely focussed on building layouts with Grid Plus Pro. It’s already well underway :slight_smile:


Fantastic and Thank You!

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Hi All -

Our Source Workbook has been incredibly popular and has been getting some rave reviews. It is a full manual coupled with advice and countless project tutorials to get you up to expert level in building web pages with a framework in RapidWeaver. Do check it out if you haven’t already.

My news today though is that I have just pushed out a huge update which adds a brand new chapter: Layouts with Grid Plus Pro. It has over 20 worked project examples in it and takes you through all of the key concepts in grid building.

One of the layouts included in the new chapter

I may be a touch biased but I do genuinely believe that Grid Plus Pro is the most powerful and flexible layout stack available anywhere for RapidWeaver - once you get to grips with how it works (and understand some of the underlying concepts relating to CSS Grid) then there really is no layout that you cannot then go on to build. This new chapter in the Workbook is the perfect companion to get you doing just that!

Anyway, go check out all that is new and if you have any questions just let me know.


p.s. If you already have early bird access to the Workbook then you should have received an email with download links. If not then you can download the latest version from your Academy account.


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