Introducing the all new CheckMate stack

A useful stack to categorise and sort items, based on checkboxes.

An unlimited number of items and checkboxes can be added to your CheckMate stack. Each item can comprise of text, images, purchase buttons, links or other basic content.

A wide choice of style and layout settings are provided. These let you effortlessly change the appearance of your checkboxes, labels and CheckMate items.

Optionally you can move the checkboxes elsewhere in your page; like to a column, an ExtraContent container or theme sidebar.

CheckMate is seamlessly compatible with all major web browsers and devices, including touchscreen smartphones and tablets.

Perfect for building portfolio showcases, inventory lists, product comparisons, simple web stores and much more.

A lightweight codebase written exclusively for RapidWeaver ensures CheckMate is both reliable and optimised for faster loading. CheckMate is also compliant with all applicable accessibility guidelines.


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That looks very clever, @willwood!

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