Where do I find a list of top rated stacks for RapidWeaver 8

US company wants to spend $300 USD or so on Rapid Weaver stacks that create an impressive esthetic for tax Attorney business. We want stacks that are not beta - stacks that work every time as designed.

My Foundation stacks are the number one rated addon in the Realmac Community site. I stand by all of the products on my site :100: https://www.weavers.space

To my knowledge no stacks developer releases or sells beta versions of stacks, without you knowing and volunteering to be a beta tester. Every developer try’s to ensure that their stacks “work as designed”, many times the user may not understand the intended design.

As for top rated, there’s really no ranking that’s accurate out there. With any ranking/rating system, you’ll get opinions, but not necessarily useful ratings. Any open review or ratings system is subject to ballot box stuffing, so I would take ratings with a grain of salt.

I would guess you’re new to RapidWeaver? Without knowing what exactly you are trying to do, it’s difficult to recommend any single or group of stack(s).

Stacks offered such a wide range of uses, it would be more helpful for you to ask for recommendations for each “function” you are looking to accomplish.
You can post here on the forum and get a wide range of opinions and can follow up with more specific questions. Kinda like an interactive review.


We work with us businesses to improve their profitability using the expertise of tax attorneys and other experts. What we’re looking for is adding some visual wow factor to documents they could download from the site including dynamic charts. Subtle Animations would also work.

The Charter stack is great for dynamic charts. 50% off at the moment too.


@HowardUSA @joeworkman You can’t go wrong with Joe Workman’s Foundation. You do however need the Stacks Plugin and off course all of the Foundation stacks from Joe. Additional I would highly recommend the Stacks by Big White Duck - these are free but as they are so good a Coffee contribution is recommended. A combination of these is probably all you need. You might like a Content Management System CMS which will enable your customer to safely do their own updates - again Joe Workmans TotalCMS is highly recommended. It’s also worthwhile perusing the many Video/Images/Photos stacks that can add some nice effects to graphics.

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I’ll tell you what I use…and I guess I spent WAAAY over $ 300 :see_no_evil::rofl::

http://yourhead.com (The Mother of all Stacks, necessary)

https://www.weavers.space :white_check_mark:

https://stacks4stacks.com :white_check_mark:









…finally had a chance to go through all my stacks and check them :sweat_smile:

This is not a ranking…I went through all my Stacks and listed all of the developers which I have bought Stacks from and that I am truly grateful to have around in the RW world… a BIG THANKS to ALL of you :blush:


Would recommend as a basic must:

Foundation Stacks (JoeWorkman) - $99

Depth (NickCates) - $99 NOTE - Right now Black Friday special - everything on his site for $99

And to add the frosting:

Impact $29 - Font Pro $49

And Finally Big White Duck - All Stacks are Free and available on Donation Basis.

Then you are set with a really decent set of stacks - Now if Joe had a black friday sale then there would be a few more goodies to add from 1LD like Assemble, whom btw is also having 30-50% off cybermonday sale.


@Basswow What?!? I am no where on your list :sob:


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Yes @joeworkman you’re in 2nd place :hugs: but it doesn’t seem to show like the others :worried:

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Completely missed it! Yeah. I have not put in all of the SEO and meta tag magic into the new site yet. That is my holiday time project.

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I added your “old” URL too…have fun with your holiday time project :grinning:

You can go wild with buying add-ons and stacks. I would agree with everything said by Teefers above. It’s also worth acknowledging that throwing a bunch of stacks at something isn’t going to give you ‘impressive aesthetic’ on their own.

Generally my recommendations would be:

  • If you need a ton of control over everything and a very specific idea of the look you want, I’d recommend: Foundation, Total CMS (this will add lots of functionality and let you set it up so others can edit content down the road), and a few Big White Duck stacks. From there, you could add in any special functionality needed (chart display, as an example you mentioned). The downside to this is that there’d be a learning curve to becoming proficient and getting it to look visually appealing.

  • If you have a wide range of leeway in how it looks and don’t want to learn a free-form framework (like Foundation or Foundry), I’d make the same recommendations as above but replace Foundation with a theme that you like (have a look here for options) considering menu style, header/footer design, etc.


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