Introducing the StandOut stack

StandOut creates a magazine-style shadowed block, featuring an overhanging layer (normally an image or icon). StandOut is perfect to use for personal bio’s, pricing tables, product comparisons, audio players or just an interesting way of presenting images and captions on webpages. The frontmost layer (the overhanging layer) can be set as a link; thereby making this stack doubly useful! And as you would expect, StandOut is fully responsive and works flawlessly with all modern web browsers. A perfect addon to use in conjunction with ThemeFlood themes.

StandOut includes a great many customisable settings for both the backmost and frontmost layers. The shadow effects and rounded corners can be customised to match your existing RapidWeaver theme. StandOut uses pure HTML and CSS markup - so no Javascript, image shadows or Flash.

StandOut is provided FREE. If you find this stack useful in your projects or require support for it, please make a contribution. Likewise if you wish to support the Stacks4Stacks project, use our new Amazon affiliate link on the contribute page, the next time you go to shop at Amazon!

Learn more: StandOut | Stacks4Stacks