Introducing the HighLight stack

The role of the new HighLight stack is simple; display a picture and combine it with an overlaid caption, with the whole thing set as a link. HighLight is perfect for highlighting new or interesting things on your website and encouraging people to navigate further. Equally so, HighLight is perfect for building a simple image gallery or collage. You can use local or warehoused images with this stack and customise many aspects of its style and colour scheme. HighLight is responsive and uses HTML5 figure markup; for excellent SEO. A perfect stack to use with ThemeFlood themes. HighLight replaces the former Deli stack.

Key features:

  • Options to place HighLight within the normal page flow, an ExtraContent container or a FreeStyle banner
  • Toggle between using a local or warehoused image
  • Apply rounded corners (border radius)
  • Position your caption at either the top or bottom of the image frame
  • Set a breakpoint to simplify the layout on smaller screen widths
  • Change the font size of the captions independently of your theme font size (useful if you want to make captions more prominent)
  • Adjust the line height (line spacing) of caption content
  • Apply padding around the edge of the caption. Padding is specified in percentage units of measurement, so it scale proportionately
  • Control the caption text colour and background fill (including opacity)
  • Set the entire HighLight stack as a link to a RapidWeaver resource, another page in your website or an external website

HighLight is free. If you find this stack useful in your projects or require support for it, please make a contribution. Likewise if you wish to support the Stacks4Stacks project, use our new Amazon affiliate link on the contribute page, the next time you go to shop at Amazon!

HighLight stack: HighLight | Stacks4Stacks