iPhone pictures not appearing on a blog page

(Michael Schulz) #1

I noticed that when I want to paste a picture taken with my iPhone into a blog post that the picture is always pasted vertically. One can’t flip the pic around but just use the rotation button. Doing this does the trick BUT in my case the pic does only appear in the edit mode BUT NOT in the preview mode. What am I doing wrong ?

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

What happens on the published page?

(Michael Schulz) #3

On the published page they do not appear at all.

In the meantime I think I narrowed this down to pictures taken with my iPhone.
Pictures taken with a “normal” camera do appear.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #4

A link please.


Did you convert them to jpg. Iphone creates HEIF format by default I believe.

(Michael Schulz) #6

No, they are jpg files

(Michael Schulz) #7

Would be no problem but as they do not appear even in the preview functionality I took them out.

(Doug Bennett) #8

Kinda hard to say.

I just tested adding a picture from my iPhone (opened up Photo app and Dragged and dropped) into a Blog(built-in) Body. I clicked on the photo and rotated 90 and It shows up fine in Preview and edit.

RW Version 8.2.1 (20758)
What are you doing to get the picture into RW?

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #9

Without others able to see the source code, not able to help here…

(Michael Schulz) #10

I am usually using the “Resources” function and then select “Photos”.

So I did what you are doing: and , I couldn’t believe it: they appear !

Seems to be a bug in RW which I will report

(system) #11

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