RapidWeaver Blog Photos Problem

Hi guys,

This is my first post in this forum, and I need your help.

I have a personal site in development, but the Blog page does not show images of articles in all browsers, only in Safari.

There is something that should be done to solve this problem?

the website:

on Google Chrome

Hope you can help me.

Works here in Chrome / Mac / Yosemite

Sorry, the link is the website homepage.

I only have this problem on my first post of the Blog:

Can you tell me what i have to do?

With a RW blog page I just drag the images in from a folder and drop into the ‘compose’ page, a double click allows you to resize it etc to suit.

The link to the picture is broken - is the photo 12255114_1025353667486003_2049157585_o.jpg actually in your ‘files’ folder? - Blog/files/12255114_1025353667486003_2049157585_o.jpg

If so - try giving it a simple name without the underscores.


I did the same procedure to put the pictures in the article.
Already changed the name of the photos to be simpler and the error continues.

The photos are in the directory of the blog …

In the chrome google the photos appear , but on Windows computers not, only on safari .

I do not know what connection this might have.

This is the code from one of my blog photos - img class=“imageStyle” alt=“pcb” src=“files/pcb.jpg” width=“300” height=“200”

This is the code from your site - img class=“imageStyle” alt=“200sx1” src=“200sx1.jpg” width=“778” height=“519”

Your image source is not showing correctly, the directory is missing.

If the problem was in the directory, the problem should not happen in Safari too?

I thank you a lot for your help.

I changed the site theme temporarily and the problem continues.

In other words , the problem is not caused by canvas theme that I use.

If you compare the directory of my picture, with the photo of the post of the sample Blog of the Canvas theme they are the same…


Welcome @GRDuarte

Just out of curiosity… what is your site Relativity set to in site preferences (Wrench Icon), Advanced settings?

If set to Relative to Website Address, this causes issues with some stacks, it is recommended you use relative to DOCROOT or relative to Page.

Secondly, what version of RW and Stacks are you using?, have you updated the stacks and RW?

Just thoughts that come to mind and hope they help

The issue is that the images you’ve dragged in are TIFFs (albeit with a JPG extension) - see below from Preview’s Info panel. If you re-save the images as a JPEG in Photoshop / Pixelmator / Preview.app, and re-add to your RapidWeaver project you’ll be all sorted :smile:


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Hello guys,

first of all , thank you for your time and help.

Turtle My site was relative to Page

nikf I use Pixelmator and I save the photos in .jpg

In my imac they appear as jpg as you can see in the image below.

Is it when uploading that this is happening ?
I was really hoping that these were one of the solutions :frowning:


The problem I think it could be in the resize in RapidWeaver , he must upload a photo with the new size in TIFF.

Thanks a lot for the help.

One last thing

When making a publication of my website on Facebook , the post never gets a picture of my site .

Is there anything I should do to make it publish the link with a picture of the site ?