Is it disadvantageous to use different themes on different pages in a website?

Hi, I just wondered in depth after getting up from a nap: is an RW/Stacks site that uses different themes (a few pages under Foundation, a few others under Blank theme, others perhaps Foundry… and so on) has negative aspects? In other words: does the use of several different themes on a site penalize it? This is a really deep question… after a nap :yum:

Why would it?

That’s exactly what I’m asking :grin:

Changing themes/building styles within the same website, if it all works as you intend, is fine. The only negative is the website speed and branding.

Branding is built by keeping the appearance similar throughout the website.

Speed will be impacted because of the difference in CSS code. It has more to cache, if it does at all.

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I suspected it about css differences, thank you to have confirmed it. Another thing is about what robots like or dislike with it.

Robots won’t care as long as the code validates or is at least standard. Typically, that is not an issue in the Realmac community. Of course if you enter your own code by hand, that is on you. :smiley:

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I can’t think of anything that would be an issue though I would not do it. It would be a pain keeping track in my head what theme and or framework is on each page while editing.

@scottsteven Yes I’m agree with you but some themes cause issues with Java, no name here :wink: So I have to choose : no code at all or a little bit, or more than one theme or not this stack with that theme or… Headache :exploding_head: seems both ways are unsatisfying :frowning:

Welcome to my world as a developer, I have to have a couple of different libraries for Java libraries it’s awkward.

Maybe together we could get a discount on Advil? :yum:

Better yet a single malt

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