Bonehead Question about modifying themes

I have a generic question about themes.

My current website is, for the most part, just a compilation of topics that I need to discuss with my customers in order to build custom kitchens for them. My next page, for example, will just talk about the pros & cons & caveats associated with putting cosmetic cabinet panels on the front of dishwashers.

Right now the primary jump off page is a simple syllabus of topics that are linked from a striped list in Foundry. There is not an iota of graphic arts applied anywhere on the site. I don’t even have a logo.

I see a lot of Rapid Weaver themes that are very engaging to look at.
Are these themes just built with stacks like I would use in Foundry?

Is it possible to start with a theme and modify it to add pages and stacks that not already part of the theme?

Not sure if I understand what you are asking.

A traditional RapidWeaver theme can be used with every type of plugin (page type), including the built-in’s(Blog, styled text, Markdown, contact form, photo album, etc) and the 3rd party add-on plugins (Stacks, FormLoo, etc).

The Frameworks (Foundry, Foundation, Platform, Source, etc.) are built to work with Stacks only. They come with a theme and a bunch of stacks that are made to work with that theme only. You can’t use a Foundry stack with any other theme or framework. The stack relies on code (CSS and JavaScript) that is built in to the theme. You also can’t use any other plugins(page type) other than stacks with these frameworks.

There are stacks add-ons that can be used with any theme including the frameworks.

Most any traditional theme can be replicated with a framework like Foundry or Foundation. That’s the advantage to the Frameworks as they are a blank canvas.

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Hi Tim. If you’re looking for a head start with your design and have Foundry. I would suggest looking at some pre-built Foundry projects. There are many out there (a google for rapidweaver Foundry projects will yield them), I personally use Foundation and have been pleased with the projects from Webdeersign ( Essentially a project is a “theme” in that it is fully designed, but is built with a framework like (foundry, source, foundation etc). The difference being that with the framework project one can move, change, add as they wish. In contrast a true “theme” where some elements (headers, footers etc) and structure are not editable (generally speaking). Hope that makes sense and helps to a degree.

You may wish to check out this thread:

As these offerings are foundation (note foundation not foundry) based projects that incorporate total cms as well.

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I wouldn’t switch from Foundry to Foundations just because you might want some pre-built projects.
There are plenty of these available for Foundry. You have a lot of time (and money) invested in Foundry.

Here are a few Foundry Projects some free and some are paid:

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Hi Doug

Thank you for pointing out to BITWEB4U. I never heard of them. But when I realized that they have made useful modules for RW (Foundry/Foundation) I purchased some of them.
Thanks to you.

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