Is it possible to insert WooCommerce in RW site?

Hi all,

I have a client who wants to use WooCommerce, I’d prefer to build website with RW rather than WP and insert WooCommerce into the RW project.

Is it just a matter of inserting the html for WooCommerce or is it a bit more complicated?

Has anybody done this with success and if so any sites you can direct me to please.

Cheers Scott

I don’t think it’s the good or even doable approach. If the client has to use WooCommerce you’re better off using Wordpress. To my knowledge there’s no easy way to do what you are asking for without a good bit of coding. And even then the ongoing maintenance and adding and changing products would be a nightmare.

Hi Doug,
Thanks, yes I thought that might be the case…shame, I do like many of the WooCommerce features.

I have seen a site and would like to replicate a similar ecommerce system but on RW platform.
One of their product pages below.

Any ideas on ecommerce platform that I could use within RW.

I already have RapidCart Pro which is good but not really enough, think I’ll need an online cart system.

Thanks again.

Cheers Scott

Not knowing exactly what the requirements are, the two that come to mind are ECWID (@makfruit) or Cartloom(@yabdab).

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I use Ultracart - just the “backend” - not the “Storefront”… The product pages are built as standard RW pages and you just insert “add to cart” code. I’m very happy with Ultracart. Of course, you can use the Storefront too. It has a monthly fee but it is very versatile and has tons of options. It does packing resolutions for best shipping rates, (flat rate vs media mail vs priority) and gives the customer the option, tons of “sale” options, different ship warehouses (ship from), and just about anything you can think of including digital products. It also works with aMember and many other systems. More cart than the average person needs but perhaps something to look at…

Hi Greg,r

Thanks, haven’t seen Ultracart previously. Seems a bit pricy though $50 per month for small package or does the “backend” you use have different fees?

Do you have a link of site you have done in RW?

Cheers Scott

Woo Commerce is a Wordpress plug-in end of. If it does what you need, and your client wants it - Wordpress is the way to go.

If you want to compare solutions compatible with RW you need to spell out what exactly the e-commerce needs to do. As @teefers has said, Cartloom and ECWID are pretty full featured. What do you need that RapidCart Pro doesn’t offer?

Hi LJ,

Thanks, yes, that was what I thought…I was hoping there may have been away around getting WooCommerce into RW but it seems not.

There are few particular plugins for Woo that he likes but they cost for each one, so it starts to add up.

One of the issues I have with RapidCartPro is we want an image to appear for each of the versions once you select it for your cart. So that the customer will see a little thumbnail of their selected product. This feature is in Woo, Ecwid, BigCommerce and a few other platforms.

I’ll ask Roberto at RCP if he can suggest something. @rob

The other platforms just look more modern and fresher.

See images of RCP check-out vs Ecwid checkout…I can’t test in Woo as I don’t have anything setup to trial.


Hi @scottjf
RapidCart Pro doesn’t support this feature out-of-the-box, but you could achieved it with some workarounds using a mix of HTML code injection in product SKUs, option descriptions and empty “Free” label to hide it.

This is a rough example and needs some adjustments (like hiding SKU code in version label) but it should work.

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