Allow client to add and remove store items?

Hi All,

Is there a solution that will allow a client to add or remove store items without them requiring access to the RW project file/using RW?


Hi Beem

From the lack of responses I guess not. I was wondering this too - this seems to be a downside of using RW rather than a full CMS solution like Wordpress, which I am now having to reluctantly consider for my new project, which needs to include other CMS areas too. Getting the client to invest in the licence for RW and the required add-ons seems a little OTT.



There is a service called Ecwid that you could use.

Thanks, Zeebe. Looks very interesting. If this can integrate with a RW site it may be ideal. I will investigate further…

ECWID works fine in RW. There are plenty of customisations that can be done on their dashboard to match colours, styles etc to your site. You simply insert the generated widgets for the main product viewer, category menus and several cart options in your page as you require.

The client interface is also really easy with plenty of options for taxes, product variants, shipping etc etc.

I deployed it for a friend who is very computer phobic and he gets on with it really well.

Excellent, thanks for that tav. My (also computer-phobic) client needs a ticket-booking shopfront for local theatre events, so I am hoping this may be limited to under 10 items at any one time so they can utilise the free version. Having had a quick play it looks like a nicely thought-out and well-resented product, though, so would be worth paying the fee if needs be. I really didn’t want to go down the WordPress etc route with a whole new learning curve, so I am grateful for the heads-up on ECWID.

Could also consider something like


We have just released RapidCart Pro 4 with support to stock management, coupon codes, new stacks to build custom product pages and much more.
If you are an existing RapidCart Pro user you don’t need to buy a new license.
Your license has been automatically migrated to the new RapidCart Pro 4 Advanced license.

That is great news @rob where can I find info on how to let clients administer the products in the store without needing access to the RW project file?

Once stock quantity is set in RapidWeaver, it’s automatically updated once a purchase is made.
At the moment there’s no way to manage stock outside RapidWeaver.
We are going to release a new “Admin” feature in a future update to let seller manage stock, set product availability, see orders and stats directly from web.