Is Realmac renewing their vows to me?

(Jason Bostick) #1

Did everyone else getting the 'Welcome to Rapidweaver" email a few days ago and then a follow-up “How are you getting on” email this week?

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #2

Yes, for me too…


I got it too. Wondered what was going on.


(Jeremy Bohn) #4

I’ve gotten several, maybe one per day. The one today was like “how are you getting on” and “did you check out the tutorial video?”

(Gary) #5

I thought it was a nice touch. Admittedly, several years too late but good to know that things are alive at RM.

(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #6

Sure hope there is a way to make it stop. Some people might like it, but I get enough email I could care less for as it is. Don’t get me wrong, you are updating RW or coming out with a new product or something, send a way. I have used RW long enough in my life I don’t need stuff like this.
Just my 2¢.

(Doug Bennett) #7

Bottom of email unsubscribe

(Jason Bostick) #8

I want to stay subscribed. I’m assuming it’s a glitch as I’ve used RW for a while.

I just deleted it but was curious how widespread it was as no one has mentioned it here (considering there was also a newsletter email and new Pulse course email).

(Doug Bennett) #9

(Jason Bostick) #10

Ya I happily get/signed up for those, but this email wasn’t that. It was a Thank for buying Rapidweaver email. Then the next one was a Now that you’ve bought rapidweaver, how are things going? email. Separate from that were the new weekly newsletter emails and seperate from the Editing your site online with Pulse email.

(Brian LaPan) #11

This was an accident on our part - after setting up a drip campaign for new users, it accidentally was sent to ALL users!

If you don’t want to hear from us again, you’re more then welcome to unsubscribe (use the link at the bottom of the email). We’d love for you to stick around, though!

(Rob D) #12

Do you have an email management system where I can opt-in for one kind of messages and opt-out for others? I don’t want to just unsubscribe from ALL kinds of messages…

(Brian LaPan) #13

Not at the moment. Good idea, though.

(Gavin Dudeney) #14

Doesn’t it take longer to complain about these errant messages, than it does to delete them?

(Gary) #15

The issue is that if you unsubscribe from these “New Vows” mail shots, will you then be completely unsubscribed from all RM mail shots? Perhaps someone should put together a $99 video course on how to setup an effective mailshot without upsetting established customers. Just saying.

(NeilUK) #16

It’s difficult to believe the amount of moaning, groaning and bellyaching by SOME people over something that has been stated was an accident.
I’m spending MUCH less time on this forum due to the general negativity towards Realmac and RapidWeaver expressed by SOME (seems to be a hobby for some) people.