RW Community Email Loop

(Aaron Marquez) #1

Hey Everyone,
By now you’ve most likely received 12+ of the same email from us. Our servers hit a hiccup (really bad one) and it’s sending out the same email non-stop.

I’ve notified the rest of the team (different timezone), and I’m sure it’ll be addressed A.S.A.P.

We apologize for this inconvenience - it’s rather embarrassing!

For now, I’d recommend unsubscribing (bottom of any of the emails). We’ll post here when it is safe to subscribe again.

Once again, apologies for the number/frequency of emails!

Best Regards,

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(Aaron Marquez) #2

(Aaron Marquez) #3

Quick update guys: the Realmac Community site is down for now due to the server issues we started having an hour ago. The good thing is the email loop should be stopped. Our web developer will be on it first thing in the morning!

Once again, we apologize for the many emails that went out!

I’ll post here when it is safe to subscribe again.

(Dylan Merte) #4

Tried the unsubscribing method and does not do anything over 50 emails later and they’re still coming. Help

(Aaron Marquez) #5

This is part of the server issue as well, we’ve discovered.

The community site is down for now so the loop should be over.

(Jonathan Spencer) #6

Yep, over 50 emails! Good one!

(Emiliano Achaval) #7

No matter what, I love RW!! Just a small hiccup! There is no other program I rather use, even with all the problems publishing, still the best program out there. Can we subscribe now?? Aloha from Hawaii

(ben) #8

Really really really sorry about this everyone — I have fixed the issue and you won’t be receiving any more emails.

There was a huge bug in our code that meant the emails was being sent every minute, rather than just once.

I have identified and fixed the issue.

Again my sincere apologies for this, it won’t happen again!

I've got 40 emails in my inbox from Rapidweaver Community, all the same!
(cyclingone) #9

Glad you finally killed the bug…it was really annoying. How do we re-subscribe?


(Peter Danckwerts) #10

12? I had 53! But as long as it’s fixed, who cares?

(ben) #11

best way to resubscribe is to go to make sure the “Weekly Newsletter” checkbox is checked, and then click the “Save Changes” button.

(Gabrielle Vickery) #12

Thanks for fixing it Ben. I agree with Waiopai, I love Rapidweaver and I still think it’s the happiest part of my working day, is that too sad? :wink:

(Rusty) #13

I read them all … :smiley:

(Peter Danckwerts) #14

I missed a couple – it was 55!

(Gary Davis) #15

Still had a couple more this morning that must have gotten stuck in Borneo and drifted in late. All totaled up: 85!

(EricW) #16

Those damn bugs… I bet the head office is a men’s house, you should vacuum clean the server room once in a while before it gets an intermittent problem. Free tip from the Netherlands :wink:

(john springate) #17

Hi Ben Now this bug has been sorted cane tell me how I re-subscribe please?

(Elliot Jackson) #18

Hey @Jspringate,

You can go to, make sure “Weekly Newsletter” is checked then click “Save Changes”.