Is there a limit (of pages or weight) for a single RW website file?

Hi there,I would like to know if there is a limit to the number of pages that can be created with RW (or a number of blog pages or a weight file) we can create in a single RW file… Has anyone a feedback on that ? Thanks…

Interesting question. I don’t doubt others have ‘bigger than mine’ but I’m likely moving towards the more extreme end of RW publishing

I’ve got over 270 pages and the RW file is over 350MB and I’m adding to it daily.
Every single image is warehoused. i.e. the project file isn’t weighted by any image files.

Over the next few months I will be adding product to our site at the rate of around 10 pages a day.
Time will tell if I’m pushing my luck but I’ve a lot invested in our site and I’m hopeful RW can take the strain.

In the days of RW5 and the early days of RW6 when our site was around 200MB I was starting to get severe problems of delay in adding stacks, a lot of page jumping during editing and very slow switching between editing and preview.
I was literally at the point of choosing to split the project in two or to give up on RW when an upgrade to El Capitan solved all of these problems.
The only slow part was the initial loading of the site which was taking up to 5 minutes.

The Stacks 3 upgrade further speeded things up and now I’m loading in about 2 minutes. I generally load the site in the morning and leave it open to play on during the day.

I’m hoping RW7 can be a bit smarter with publishing as adding a single page means I have to publish close to 3000 files which takes a while.


Thanks for your answer. I like your website, you did great job on it… Like you I put most of my pictures en my server so they have not to load with the file.

Before I got my 2.6 Ghz i7 processor I reached a point with that version of RW (a little over 3 years ago) where my files were too big and I had crashes. I was over 200 MB at the time and took more than 20 minutes to export, and I forget how long to save. I split my site in two, so when you hit my “boletines” menu you are going into another project (that later, for faster updating I decided to split into years, so it is actually 13 projects).

My three car restoration sites (actually 6 since it is dual language) are 6 more projects linked in, mostly warehoused images and prettyphoto thumbnail links. (currently upgrading the last two to responsive design)

I also have almost all of my pictures warehoused.

No definitive answers but imho RW is good for several hundred pages particulalry if - as with @ricinport you make efforts to keep things under control like warehousing images, audio etc. However over-use of Stacks is likely to slow things down

I have a site with over 600 pages and growing. current size of the project file is north of 800mb. Not sure the size of the exported files, but it is also using Total CMS so that is growing too.

My experience has been that is can take a long time to open or close the project.

I also tend to publish one page or branch of pages at a time rather than publish all changed pages because that can take over 30-40 min just to export.

I have a site with 1663 html and php pages and about 2534 other files (txt, jpg, etc). It is currently broken up into 6 separate project files with the largest being 80 mb. I broke it up into small projects as it’s highly “modular” in function (distinctly separate areas) and things run much faster with smaller project files.

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There’s no true limit to this, besides your computers CPU / ram / and overall processing power. We’ve seen project files 2-5gb large.

Of course, we always recommend being frugal with your images and resources. Use warehousing for images and files, when you can. That helps a lot!

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