RW 7.5.1 will not publish project. 7.5.2 does, but freezes upon completion

Using MacBook Pro running OS X 10.11.6

File size is 745.7 MB.

RW 7.5.1 will attempt to publish a single page from the project. It appears to be uploading and gives “Publishing Complete” message, but then freezes up with that message on screen. When I check the published site, no change has been made.

Any attempts to publish the whole site causes RW to freeze up immediately, without any upload activity apparent.

I would appreciate any and all suggestions as to how to correct this problem.

That’s a huge file size, 745MB; how many pages?

With a site of that size I perceive you may not have optimized your graphics. I usual save ‘for the web’ from photoshop…

If you don’t have that monstrously expensive tool. Realmac have a super easy tool called “SQUASH”, that I use when I don’t want the fag of PS. Ideally, most of your graphics should NOT exceed 200kb or thereabouts.

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It is 100 +pages, with lots of images.

There is a mixture of graphics, not all of which have been optimized. Thanks for the tip.

Do you know if there Is a recognized maximum size for a RW project?

I’m pretty there is not a limit. If your main site is huge, I would break it down into ‘sub-domains’ with links text or graphics.

While there are no rules for web page sizes, the smaller the better. I work to my own rule of not exceeding 1mb per page. I might go to 2mb if really pushed, but anything above is going to load too slowly. So you could have about 20 images with text on a page and not go over 2mb.

I’ll also optimise my pages to load in 1.5 seconds or lower. I can achieve that with the help of a great host. I also don’t add things to a page just for the sake of it; I really question why something is on the page and what it’s purpose is.

Warehousing images really helps with keeping your project leaner, but those images must also be optimised before going on the server.

Thanks for the commentary and suggestions folks.

I am still left grappling with an RW project that won’t upload. In my problem solving, I have, for a bunch of files, unchecked the “Show in navigation” check box in the inspector. Now, RW will attempt an upload but it does not come to completion. Instead. it freezes up after delivering a “Publishing complete” message. However, the panel also indicates the conflicting message that it is “Starting operation.”

When I check the supposedly uploaded site, the expected changes have not been made.


May I suggest that you try this, please:

  1. set aside your current RW file
  2. recreate a second project with as much in common (stacks, page types, images etc) as possible with that first project - but only one page
  3. try uploading that one page of this news/second project to a location on the same server as the first project

Does it work?

If not, then:

  1. progressively take out page objects from the new, second, one-page project until it works
  2. if it still does not, suspect the server, location of files on the server relative to the docroot and/or host’s settings etc, even (s)ftp settings

If it works, keep adding pages until it fails; what you have just added may well be causing the failure

Good luck!

Thanks for the suggestions Mark. Since my last post, I have upgraded to RW7.5.2 and am now able to successfully upload the project, except for one thing. RW freezes up at the very last stage. It gives “Publishing Complete” message, but then freezes up with that message on screen. When I check the published site, it appears that all changes have been uploaded.

Attempts to upload a single page are only partially successful. For example, de-linking operations are not completed in the uploaded version.

Anybody have suggestions as to where to go from here?

In my troubleshooting I have come across the following RW error message:

This document’s file has been changed by another application since you opened or saved it. The changes made by the other application will be lost if you save. Save anyway?

Is anyone else getting this message? Any idea what other application might be involved here?

Yes I get this very frequently and reported it to RM months ago. There is no other App that should be making changes and I have experienced it after a Mac reboot with RW being the only App that I have started.

Also, frequently I will make changes to a project file and then Publish Locally and I don’t get any Save dialog box. Also I have Saved a project and if I then Close and Quit RW, on restarting RW, it auto opens the same Project and if I then Close it without making any changes, it will ask me to Save it first.

Using RW7.41 with Stacks 3.5 and no other Add-Ons & OSX 10.12.6 .

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