Is There An Easier Way?

I am building a site with Stacks and Foundation which requires free and paid membership areas, a store for physical items and digital downloads, a good blog and video tutorials.
I am looking at the following:

Membership Area and Mailing List: Vibralogix - Sitelok
Blog: Total CMS (Joe Workman)
On-Line Store: RapidCart Pro4
Payment Processing: Stripe
Screen Cast App: Telestream
Video Hosting: Vimeo Pro

My question is: Will the whole lot work together and is there an easier way of doing this, it feels like a lot of Add On’s?

That looks like a pretty good setup to me and should all work together.

If you’re looking to cut a few bucks, you could look at doing screencasts via Quicktime (though Telestream is good value, imo) and possible use Poster as your blog* (if you don’t need access outside of your Rapidweaver computer).

Stripe is a payment option within Rapidcart Pro, so that isn’t an extra add-on you need to get.

*(I should add that there is a LOT more to Total CMS than just the blog component. But if that is your only use, and you’ll only update via Rapidweaver, then Poster might fit your needs for that part)

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I am looking for a bit more functionality than QuickTime.
Thanks for the heads up on Poster, I’ll have a look at it.

Screenflow is fantastic: so I’d continue to use it. I have Vimeo Plus and it gives me everything I need. Is there a specific reason you want to upgrade to Pro?

BTW this isn’t really a lot of add ons for the kinds of things you want to accomplsh.

If you don’t need to blog via a CMS then I’d highly recommned Poster (as others have done).

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I am not actually using any of these yet, but it looks like Vimeo Plus will do for my video streaming.
CMS is not required, so Poster is another option.

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Thanks Ben, I will check out those videos

Hi, i have some issues uploading… I do not have a Stacks … and I got this message

what can I do?

Can you pleas help me



Which one is used in your project? .html or .htm?

You’ll need to use an FTP programme to connect to your web host and delete the one which is not the one used in your RW project.

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The FTP Program is not the RapidWeaver ??? I am using the all ready Template, if I need a program which one? can I finde a youtube tutorial?

Thanks for your help.


RapidWeaver can publish and edit files, but not delete them.

FileZilla is a well know free FTP client. You’ll need to enter your hosting credentials in FileZilla to connect to your web host, then delete the file you don’t need.

An easier solution would be to log in to your web host cPanel and manually delete the unwanted file from there. If your host doesn’t use cPanel, it might be called file manager or something similar.

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This is true, but why?!? If you change a filename of a page, shouldn’t RapidWeaver understand that the other page is no longer wanted and then delete as it publishes??

I agree. It would really help people if RW recognised a change from .html to .php etc. and ask if the old file is no longer needed and delete it.

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