What would I need?

Hello I’m looking to make my website using rapidweaver. I’m currently using wix.
Wix whilst great for custom design, limits you to their hosting options etc.

So If I wanted to move to building in rapidweaver, but still have the freedom with design, am I right in understanding that I would need to buy first stacks, then buy either foundation or foundry?

Current website for an example of what I would want to remake:

Correct. You will need the Stacks plugin in order to use any 3rd party stack. I have a start page that helps explain it… Getting Started with Web Design using RapidWeaver and Stacks

Looking at your current website, I think that you will want Video Wall. Looks like it does exactly what you have there.

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Thank you for the quick reply.
So stacks is a must have.
Would I also still need something like foundation or foundry for the site to be dynamic for mobile etc? Also to be able to have the orange and blue bars with the links on like my current site? I have the trial of stacks installed and couldn’t see anyway to place things like icons on top of things like an orange bar image.
I saw video wall and yes it looks perfect, I just wanted to be clear on what I would need in the first place. So I can get an idea of cost for all the add-ons.
Thanks again.

You will need a theme of some sort there are built in themes, and tons of others you can buy.
Foundation (my favorite) and Foundry are just two of several “Blank” themes i.e. frameworks.

Using something like foundation gives you complete control over the layout/design of your site.

Add a Stacks page, add a column, set the background color, add foreground content into the column by dragging in other stacks.

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In addition to Foundation stacks or Foundry stack I suggest you to take a look to all stack of Big White Duck. Are very power and free (you can make a donation).


Ok thank you for your feedback.
I’ve made note of what’s going to be needed just a case of waiting till I can spare about £300.
Thanks again, much appreciated

Stacks is a no brainer. Perhaps even more important than RapidWeaver itself.

An open ended theme is a great way to go if you have some background. Since it sounds like you don’t have a spare 300 quid to spend right now, then I highly suggest getting the Source framework. There’s a free version. Then a super version: that costs $25. Start with the free, and move up to paid if you want/need later. More on Source here:

(It really is fabulous.)

The recommendation by @Massimo is also good. Check out the free Big White Duck stacks here:

I should say that both of these resources are best for folks who have a bit of a design background (i.e. not completely noobs). I think I’ve saved you 250 quid!

There are always specialty stacks you can buy later … but it’s pretty easy to take the first key steps at a minimal cost.


Awesome thank you. Added source to the research and try list.
It’s only a very simple site that I’m aiming to recreate so I’d like to get away with spending as little as possible for now and upgrade in the future.

I’d highly recommend Source as the best and cheapest place to start with a Stacks setup. Of course you’ll need to buy the Stacks plugin.

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