Issue with order of elements in the head section

I am playing with the latest version of seydesign’s Aptenon theme and I decided to use the W3 HTML checker on a version of my web site and it barfs in some interesting ways.
First off I use the social links and have added the HTML to the head part of rapidweaver’s global code section. In Aptenon’s case it places this code at the top of the the head section of the web page, before the character set is defined and so the HTML checker flags this as an error. I don’t know if this is a design choice made by seydesign or is a rapidweaver issue but it would be good if it was fixed. When the charset definition is detected the checker then has a fatal error, complaining “Changing encoding at this point would need non-streamable behavior”.

Head is for the head section of the page. You would never ever put HTML code here for stuff like social links.

Think of the head section as an area containing code that only the web browser needs to see (like CSS / Javascript calls, your page title, meta data etc).

Anything that the end user sees or interacts with (like social buttons) needs to go in the body section. And for that, you’d probably use ExtraContent.

If you are confused by the concept of ‘head’ and ‘body’ sections of a webpage, then search the internet for resources like W3Schools who might be able to explain it a bit better for you.

I can assure you there is nothing faulty with the theme and nothing that needs fixing.

Well, the actual buttons do appear in an extra content section of the body but that doesn’t change the fact that rapidweaver allows you to add stuff in the head section and the place chosen to add the global code is before the definition of the charset and it would be better if it was afterwards.

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