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Hi Guys,

I’ve created hhtp://boxchain-moving.com and I’m having help with SEO/social media. They have asked me to:

Add this in your head section of your site’s index.html file:
meta name=“p:domain_verify” content=“495947f91c60d71ec253b4052b3ce939”/

So, on home page I went to inspector/html code tab, and added this to the ‘head’ section… Is that correct?

Thanks very much for any help! - Cheers

No, adding code with a browser inspector will not work. It only effects your browser, and will disappear as soon as you refresh.

Check out this video:

Yes, that should work fine.

Btw, if you go to the Settings area in the left sidebar and choose the Code area, you have a similar area for “Head” code. Anything added here is added to all pages. This eliminates the need to add the code to each individual page.

Great - Thanks for the help.

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