Java script files

I happen to have all these Java files on my computer. They seem to be taking up a lot of memory. Do I need them? Are they necessary for making RW websites.

Sorry, if these questions seem too simple. I just found an article from Wired which states,

“I Turned Off JavaScript for a Whole Week and It Was Glorious”

The article also states: “JavaScript is also a key ingredient of most obnoxious online ad behavior.”

I will appreciate any advice on this topic.

Many thanks,

Michael in Japan.

Java and JavaScript are different products.

If you turn off JavaScript, some functions of websites will cease to work. You can disable JavaScript in your browsers settings and surf the web, then you see the results.

Java is a Programming Language/Environment.

They should not though - they should fall back to more simple but still accessible content! (like this forum does)

Sorry - you are right. But some functions will stop to work…

Thank you!