Joe Workmans power grid on iPhone and some basic styling tips

So power grid on a mobile is cut off on the right , is there any way around this ?

Plus basic styling tips.
I think I’m missing something in stacks layouts , maybe I’m just over thinking but what is the best way to centre a stack on a page.
Should i use Layout > Flexile > Centre then guess the % until it looks right
But this really mess up the layout on the mobile
Fixed size > means its won’t shrink as a responsive item ?
Floar - no idea what that does even after quite a few years on RW :frowning:

<img src=“/uploads/realmacsoftware/original/2X/2/289101c350f46bb47ed46f1fd073e50fce602d8a.jpg” width=“690” height=“347”>

@leigh It would be helpful if you posted a link to your table. Others can chime in, but tables have notoriously had problems on small devices. (All tables, not Joe’s stack in particular.) I think Joe’s stack does horizontal scrolling when on a small phone device, but not 100% positive. At any rate I don’t think horizontal scrolling comes naturally to most users so you’d have to let them know about this feature, or simply suggest they use a tablet/computer to see the full beauty of the table!

Using column widths in percentages should help a lot (instead of pixel widths) as then the table will adjust to those percentages based on the “available space” which will be different on computer, tablet, phone. This will help, but in some cases will still lead to less than optimal viewing.

You also might want to look into Bryn Owen’s Flex Table stack:

Bryn has some features that may be more important to you. I have both Joe’s PowerGrid and Bryn’s FlexTable and I’m glad I have both: depending on the situation I may use one or the other.

Power Grid is not made to be responsive. Funny thing though, Joe’s Foundation theme will make Grids like that responsive. Zurb, the creators of the Foundation Framework, but code in to make any tables used with Foundation to become responsive. Since Joe ported the framework directly over, Foundation for RapidWeaver will make tables responsive, at least to a point. The amount of data in the table is also an issue and that can cause some tables to still not work right responsively.

Not the answer you were looking for, but an explanation of why your table is not behaving responsively.

Thanks to both if you for your quick replies , very helpful. So jpeg it will be then ! I’ll try the suggestion first. Cheers