Power Grid and images/links

Has anyone used Power Grid to import a table from CSV, where the table contains images and web links…so that both the images and web links are successfully imported?

Would like to know this too!

Here you go

That was done using Foundation, correct?
I don’t want to revisit my page in Foundation.

Does this work outside of Foundation?

I have a table all ready to test drive & a testdrive copy of PowerGrid CVS, though I never used it - not sure if there’s an expiration on it - but I gather PowerGrid isn’t responsive.

btw the Sky looks great in this color. An acquaintance bought a used one 2 yrs ago, unfortunately in YELLOW.

Yup, site was made a LONG time ago, just updated the CSV file, but I can put it in any theme you want, if I have it

Looks good for the OP.

Thanks. I will keep it in mind. The price point is better than other options I’m visiting.
Responsive, though, would be nice.

Making Tables responsive is not an easy thing to do, I would actually make my grid into a PDF if I was going do something like this, and then have it link to the PDF on mobile instead of using a table. Just my 2¢.

Found the project file, it was RW 5, so that is how old the project file was. Updated it to include some of RW 7 themes.

My tables aren’t using images.
I’m intending to drop small tables into multiple Accordion panes (the disclosure panes) to line up like-content.

Which means 17 Accordion items that drop down to show a line or two of text & a table each.

Responsive may not be appropriate - might make my numbers in cells unreadable anyway, so I need to test.
I would like the tables to be consistent in the x direction.