JW email stack - 2 col "units" sizing docs

(Greg Schneck) #1

For Joe Workmans email stacks… I can find no documentation for describing the 1 and 2 column “small” and “large” column “sizing” parameters. Can someone point me to documentation? I see somewhat what is happening but I want to understand it better.

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Thanks SteveB…

I’m seeing that an col1/col2 Large sizing of 8/4 will give you a sidebar half the size of the main content (or 33% total width.) If you want the sidebar to break under the main content on mobile a setting of 12/12 in the small sizing will do that.

I guess I don’t understand the Breakpoint setting in the Styles stack. Default is 600 which is the size of my email. The “breakpoint” seems to simply be the width of the email.

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Is this documented anywhere that you know of? I can find nothing on 2col setup or discussion of responsive email. I’ve looked at Joe’s doc portal and youtube videos. It’s frustrating to pay $60 for something and not have full documentation. Perhaps I’m wrong and just don’d see it…

Again, thanks SteveB.

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I don’t use Foundation…