Responsive stack change collapse - JW foundation

Hi again - can i set a 2 column foundation stack that won’t collapse as photo. So it stays in groups of two.
so row 1 is 2 icons, row 2 is 2 icons, row 3 etc etc
Ive tried flexible setting and max width but the two column stack always drops the pair into a single column.
Apologies for another probably dumb question , but its all learning .

Yes - just set both column widths to 6 units each for the mobile sizing that way you will always have 2 columns - remember the grid is a total of 12 units wide.

By default the settings use 12 units wide for each column on mobile (i.e. full width) so that the columns stack.

Like so…

thanks Tav - thanks for your patience , Im getting there slowly.

No problems - it will all click in to place :slight_smile:

theres a risk of me starting to understand this Foundation stuff !