Limiting text length within text box within column

I have a web page with my Youtube videos on. I have several 2 column Stacks to show two videos per ‘line’. Within each column I have an iFrame and below that a text box to describe the videos. It is this page -

The videos are set to “560” width and I would like the text to wrap when (if) it gets to 560. Otherwise if you make the browser width the same size as a large display monitor, the text carries on and does not look correct or neat.

I’m not an html expert - I’ve googled a few things but cannot work out how to keep the maximum text with to 560. Any help would be much appreciated.

The way I quickly did this was to add a text box to the column and in the layout section of the text box set the layout to fixed width of 560 pixel. Text will now wrap at 560.

In fact I made my text fixed at 540 and set align to center so it adds a bit of margin at each side.

Thank you. How do I. do this please? I looked at the Text box layout section but couldn’t;t find an appropriate setting to change (I told you I am not an expert lol). Many thanks.

I got the centre justify within the text box itself now. The layout to change the width - is that in the Inspector? I can’t find it there :frowning:

Change the fill mode from Fill to Fixed Size

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Brilliant - thank you for taking the time. I was going wrong because it was set to “Fill” and I couldn’t see the the pixel width box. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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