Linking a menu item to an external website

(Ben Valkhoff) #1

Hi all,

I have a question that may have been addressed here before.

How can I link a menu item to an external website, instead of a page inside my website?

Normally when you create a new page [for instance ‘Webshop’] the word ‘webshop’ will link to the actual page you created. But instead I want to word ‘webshop’ link to my other website which is the actual webshop.

Any ideas?

Many thanks,


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(Henk Vrieselaar) #2

Just use an Offsite Page for this.

(Menno) #3

I had prepared some pictures, but Henk already answered the question.
Anyway here they are.

Choose Offsite Page

Choose a name

Type the URL of the webshop in the Page Inspector

(Ben Valkhoff) #4

Man, I feel so dumb now! :slight_smile: As you can see I’m a novice in RW… :frowning:

I learn every day new stuff about RW unknown to me.

Many thanks to you both!!!

(Lance Harris) #5

@dan Just a little note that the offsite URL doesn’t trigger the changed page attribute when modified.
I have an offsite page with a link and if I change the text in the link the little blue light doesn’t come on.
Have to manually change it.

No biggie but something you might like to know.


(Dan) #6

Thanks for the heads-up, I’ve scheduled this to be fixed for 7.1.1 :slight_smile:

(Ben Valkhoff) #7

Hi Lance. Thank you for commenting. Can you please explain this to me in layman’s terms? I’m a novice when it comes to RW, so I have no idea what you are saying. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Ben.