Adding links to external website

I have no manual and the videos don’t show this.
How do I add a link to an external website?

Are you talking about just liking some text to an external website or do you want an item in your navigation to go to an external site?

Easy Peasy. Just type some text or add a button or some other item, select it and select the add link button. Type your web address into the link item and select set Link.

I want to have a name on my webpage that links to a URL for a different webpage - either on my site, or on another site.

If you don’t intend having that name in your navigation menu, do as Keith advised above.

What kind of page are you using? Styled text? Markdown? Blog? Stacks?

If you can provide more information about the type of page, as Doug suggested, we can provide more exact steps.

Generally, what Keith outlined is how you’d go about it.

Here’s a couple of tips. If it’s a link to a page on your website, then you would use the URL dropdown to select a RW page to link to. If it’s a link to another website, you would paste the complete url to the webpage in the URL field. It must start with “http”. It’s easiest just to copy and paste from a browser window.

I would suggest “open in a new window”

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Thanks; very helpful and straightforward. I am new to RW, and learning that you guys are the replacement for the standard manual that other apps have.

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